El Güel® Tequila


El Güel Tequila Blanco

Made with 100% Blue Weber agave with no additive and no diffuser by maestra tequilera Zandra Gomez de Santiago at Destiladora de Agave Azul SA de CV (NOM1424). Destiladora de Agave Azul is a woman-owned and woman-run distillery in the town of San Juanito de Escobedo in the valles of Jalisco about 45 minutes from the town of Tequila itself. El Güel Tequila was designed specifically by the maestra for Back Alley Imports and is certified by the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT).


Destilados de Agave Azul is a woman-owned and woman-run distillery. Production and administration are run by maestra Zandra Gomez and Irais Garcia resptecively. El Güel Tequila is produced in a traditional way -- which is to say the agave is harvested when ripe and then cooked, milled, fermented and distilled. It also means they are produced with no additives and without the aid of a diffuser.

Production Steps
  • Harvest: 100% Blue Weber agave between 6-7 years of maturity
  • Cooking: Auto-clave for 10-12 hours
  • Milling: Tren de molino - line of mechanical crushers
  • Fermentation: Stainless steel vats for 24 to 48 hours
  • Distillation: Double-distilled
  • Resting: 2 months in stainless steel vats before bottling
  • Member of the Additive-Free Alliance (pending)
  • 1L bottles/6 bottles per case
  • 40% AbV
  • UPC: 197644929719
Maestra Tequilera Zandra Gomez
Destiladora de Agave Azul, SA de CV

Zandra Gomez joined Destiladora de Agave Azul in 2006 and, in 2009. she took the helm as Master Distiller & Blender. She serves as the guardian of Destiladora Agave Azul's original recipe and brand steward moving into the future. She’s widely known for her ability to fuse traditional distilling methods with unique artistry.

She is a visionary in the Master Tequilerx world with a mind for distilling from red farmland to bottle. Every Tequila coming out of Destiladora de Agave Azul is artfully composed by her. The profile created by this master distiller for El Güel is a complex, blue agave elixir. She also ensures consistency in El Güel's taste profile as production ramps to hundreds of thousands of liters.