El Güel® Gin


El Güel Gin

Made in Mexico City from grain neutral spirits with juniper and a simple infusion of cempasúchil (Mexican Marigold) and a tiny bit of chamomile. Cempasúchil is a quintessential part of Mexican culture and plays a significant role in Mexican folklore. Blooming in the late fall, it is the flower that lights up the path between this and the "next world." Thus, on "Dia de los Muertos", all throughout Mexico, it is used to adorn altars and offerings to the dead.

El Güel Gin is produced for Back Alley Imports by Bodegas Collado, one of the oldest distillery in Mexico. Bodegas Collado has been producing quality spirits since 1885. "De Iztapalapa para el mundo!"


Gin distilled with juniper berries and infused with cempasúchil and chamomile; 100% natural ingredients.

Production Specs
  • Grain neutral alcohol distilled with juniper berries
  • Infused with Cempasúchil and chamomile in oak barrels for two months
  • Botanicals from Flor de la Paz Foundation
  • Made in Mexico City
  • 1L bottles/6 bottles per case
  • 40% AbV
  • UPC: 7501479702257
The Legend of Cempasúchitl
From Cempohualli meaning "twenty" and Xóchitl meaning "flower"

El Güel products are authentically Mexican. For our gin, we were looking to keep it simple - 2-3 botanicals. What better than cempasúchil, an emblematic flower with deep folklore. We bring you the Legend of Cempasúchitl:

The legend tells the love story of two young Aztecs, Xóchitl and Huitzlin, who everyday went up the mountain to offer a bouquet of flowers to the god Tonatiuh. Huitzilin had to go to war and, some time later, Xóchitl received the news that her loved one had died, so she asked Tonatiuh to reunite her with him. The god Tonatiuh decided to comply with her request and let the sun's rays fall on her skin, until he transformed her into a flower with an intense yellow color. A few moments later, a hummingbird (Huitzilin reincarnated) approached, and upon making contact with the flower, it opened its twenty petals.